Top 10 Technology Companies

Credit: Smarterware

Since the industrial revolution, countries across the world have made leaps and bounds in the advancement of technology. From electric lights, to cars, to intricate medical devices and app development, technology plays a massive part in our day to day lives. There are a number of innovative companies that impact that flow of tech, but here are ten of those trail-blazing companies to keep an eye on.

1 . NGO Technologies

NGO Technologies is different from many of the technology companies on this list. The company specifically tailors optimal technological solutions to help clients maximize their work capabilities, while simultaneously increasing the number of people they provide support to in underprivileged communities. Giving back is highly important to company CEO, Jasel Patel, who has developed a number of projects that get technology and resources into the hands of the people who need it most.

2 . OptimalPlus

With our reliance on tech these days, a hardware failure can cause massive problems. It could be a computer shutting down and deleting files, or something as catastrophic as an autonomous car malfunctioning. OptimalPlus reduces these problems by offering manufacturers in-depth product analytics with ways to implement solutions. So far, the company has analyzed 60 billion devices, improving many products you may have at hand today.

3 . Concurra

Concurra understand how website optimization can make or break a company. The company seamlessly gathers data, drums up test suggestions, and runs experiments to figure out what works best for their clients. Web analytics, goal tracking, page personalization, heat mapping—you name it, Concurra will do it.  The company provides its top-of-the-line servicesdigital agencies, marketers, and brands alike

4 . Thumbtack

We all love a website that compartmentalizes the best of the best (or the worst of the worst, if that is what you fancy). That is what Thumbtack is here to do. Thumbtack serves as a small business directory that allows people to hire professionals for just about every job imaginable—from music teachers, to plumbers—in your area. They help busy people get the jobs done that they desperately need done.

5 . Etermax

The Argentinian company, Etermax, is certainly nothing to turn your nose up. If you have been online ove the past few years, you have heard of their mobile app Trivia Crack. They’ve even partnered with mega-corporation, Mattel, to develop the first Pictionary app. The company thrives through making social, educational games that help feed the world so hungry for knowledge.

6 . Kepler Group

The Kepler Group found the balance between marketing and technology that many companies struggle to find. Through the use of data science, the Kepler Group develops high-quality models and algorithms to deliver collaborative results with their creative partners. As a member of the kyu collective, Kepler is able to offer clients everything they need to achieve personalized, tech-driven marketing success.

7 . Applied Predictive Technologies

Applied Predictive Technologies is another company that develops software to analyze the market, as well as produce in-market experiments to help their clients figure out what works, and what doesn’t. These predictive technologies apply to more than just the market, however. APT uses their algorithms to analyze trends with customers, websites, and even employees, so that businesses can yield the best results.

8 . Nauto

Vehicular autonomy has pros and cons. Through the use of bidirectional camera—one facing the road and another facing the driver—Nauto collects data that is then siphoned back into the development of safe autonomous driving technologies. These insights allow them to develop accountabilities for driver distraction and drowsiness. With Nauto, we get closer and closer to widespread autonomous driving.

9 . Fair

Buying and selling cars completely online? That is the future we are close to. Fair makes searching for a car each—through the collection of data, shoppers are easily connected with a car the fits their lifestyle. If you aren’t quite ready to buy a car, you can even rent through Fair to get around.

10 . Sprout Social

No matter how much a developer loves their brand, it takes a significant amount of hard work and dedication to get others on board. Sprout Social knows how to work social media to get the public excited and engaged with a project. Through analyzation, social management, and advocacy solutions, brands are able to form a genuine connection with consumers and keep their business running.