Top Ten San Francisco Giants Blogs

Credit: The San Francisco Examiner

The San Francisco Giants are one of the most popular baseball teams in the United States. With proverbial and literal giants such as Willie Mays, Barry Bonds, and Buster Posey, the Giants have rightfully garnered themselves one of the most loyal fanbases in the MLB.

With that fanbase comes a variety of blogs reporting the latest and greatest in Giants’ news. But which blogs provide the best information? Keep reading to learn more about the top ten San Francisco Giants blogs all fans should keep up to date with.

1. Together We’re Giants

Together We’re Giants is one of the most popular Giants blogs in the world. The blog was founded in 2016 to “make up for the vacuum created by the demise of Giants Extra,” as the site reports. Since then, their readership as grown to have an international reach, built of those who have been fans of the team since New York and new fans alike. The blog reports on updates, stats, and season speculations. It was designed to act as a community, and that is precisely what it has become for these readers, making it the best San Francisco Giants blog in the game.

2. SB Nation- McCovey Chronicles

The SB Nation identifies as a San Francisco Giants community, and that is precisely what it is. Readers come to the blog for news, opinion, analysis, and more. Posts are tailored to the interests of the audience so that even in the off-season, readers have interesting reads to turn to.

3. Splash Hits

A Medium-run blog, Splash Hits celebrates all things Giants. Their subheadings, Brandon and Brandon, SFG Photos, Inside Mark’s Moments, Beyond the Chalk, and Community Spotlight give readers unique insight to certain topics they otherwise would not have thanks to its writers.

4. MLB Trade Rumors

Though MLB Trade Rumors is a blog that covers all of the MLB, it has an in-depth, dedicated section to the San Francisco Giants. The blog describes itself as a resource for readers that is like “looking over the shoulder of every GM, agent, and player in baseball.” It addresses MLB rumors and clears them up as fact or fiction.

5. The Giants Baseball Blog

With trade speculations, game reports, and more, the Giants Baseball Blog is a great place for opinions on the team, plays, and more. Especially with spring games inching closer and closer, this blog will be a great resource for fans.

6. Giants Three Sixty-Five

As the name of the blog implies, Giants Three Sixty-Five reports on all Giants news 365 days a year, whether it’s in season or not. The blog writers not only share their own thoughts on the sport, but also mentions of the Giants across major news outlets, allowing readers all the information they might need in one place.

7. Yardbarker

Yardbarker is a great, quick glance at the world of baseball. It pulls together all the information you’ve been looking for from major MLB blogs in one place. It also provides breaking news not only in the world of baseball, but for a number of other sports.

8. Around the Foghorn

Around the Foghorn provides readers expert opinions and a community of fans all in one place. This blog is one of the many communities featured on Fansided, which is a network of fandom-focused sports for readers to turn to.

9. A Place to Talk About Giants Baseball

Part of the appeal of this blog is the simplicity. It gives the illusion of a friend telling you all the latest happenstances in the world of baseball. Though A Place to Talk About Giants Baseball took a brief pause for the Super Bowl, it will be back to baseball in no time.

10. The Athletic

On The Athletic, readers can not only find great thought pieces, but a clear schedule of the upcoming Giants games. The Athletic does, however, is not a blog dedicated to the SF Giants solely. It also reports on other teams in the MLB and just about any sport you can think of.