Top 10 Weight Loss Clinics in Corpus Christi, Texas

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In the United States, the adult obesity rate is 42.4 percent. In the state of Texas alone, around 35 percent of its adults are obese, putting the Lone Star state in tenth place for obesity rates. In an effort to combat this problem, doctors across South Texas have made it their mission to create weight loss programs that really work. Which clinics are truly the best of the best in the Corpus Christi area? Keep reading to find out.

Advanced Weight Loss

The staff at Advanced Weight Loss knows that weight gain and retention is not a one-issue topic– the clinic’s practitioner, Dr. Dale Eubank knows just how much hormones can effect one’s weight first-hand. As a gynecologist, Dr. Eubank saw how women struggle through a myriad of hormone issues that can case problems with gaining or losing weight. As a result, Dr. Eubank created the Advanced Weight Loss Program– a program specifically tailored to each individual’s needs and lifestyle. They can opt in to supplements and vitamin injections to boost weight loss, or simply follow their medically supervised weight loss plan closely. On average, patients lose around 35 pounds in 12 weeks.

Ideal Weightloss Medical Clinic

Dr. Anthony Hicks is an occupational health specialist with a focus on preventative medicine who noticed that obesity was often causing him to have to prescribe more prescriptions. He knew preventative medicine, like diet and exercise, were the answer to helping people lose that stubborn weight. After partaking in the program that inspired Ideal Weightloss Medical Clinic himself, Dr. Hicks slowly offered it to his friends and family, and finally his patients. The Ideal Protein weight loss method has helped the doctor himself, and his patients, have long term success with weight loss.

Dr. Winnie Weight Loss

Dr. Michael G. Winnie, MD Weight Loss Center - Home

Dr. Michael G. Winnie understands the importance of protein and a ketogenic protocol to “reset” the body to burn fat. With a set diet and one-on-one coaching, patients of the Dr. Winne Weight Loss Center help create sustainable weight loss and an overall healthier life. The program is set up in three phases– Weight Loss, Stabilization, and Maintenance– for the best results possible.

The Better Weigh Center

Better Weigh Center

Unfortunately, some people require more a more extreme solution to their weight loss. For those who require gastric bypass to finally reach their goal weight, Dr. Lloyd Stegemann at The Better Weight Center makes that process easier. He has performed over 2,000 different surgeries to people people across South Texas finally regain their quality of life. Patients of bariatric surgery at the Better Weight Center change their lives pre and post surgery to truly make a lifestyle change.

The Center for Medical Weight Loss

Center for Medical Weight Loss (CMWL) The Center for Medical Weight Loss  (CMWL) is the leader in non-surgical, physician-directed weight loss.  Weight loss plans are personalized and tailored for each patient based on  unique medical and lifestyle factors ...

The Center for Medical Weight Loss informs their patients that there is no straight-shot to weight loss. It is a winding path full of ups and downs. Dr. Michael S. Kaplan realized obesity is a disease brought on by a number of medical problems that can then turn to cause even more problems. Based on the belief that weight is a medical issue, The Center for Medical Weight Loss takes into account the unique, personal variables faced by every individual and formulates a program that is right for them. The center has grown to help people across the world.

Lifelong Weight Loss

Lifelong Weight Loss Houston | Doctor supervised medical weight loss Houston

Years before, Dr. Pupal Mathur was a primary care provider. She saw how so many of her patients struggled with their weight, but due to lack of time, she was not able to address this problem directly. As a result, Dr. Mathur opened Lifelong Weight Loss to dedicate her work to helping patients gain control of their weight and control of their life again. With her science-based approach, Dr. Mathur will design a program based on the patient’s specific needs and biochemistry, along with supplemental options to increase her patient’s chances at success.

Texas Bariatric Specialists

Texas Bariatric Specialists is more than just a bariatric center. Though they have performed over 7,000 successful surgeries, the practice is committed to keeping their patients in good health long after through holistic weight loss practices. Dr. Nilesh A. Patel’s goal is to create long-term weight-loss success through helping patients “successfully lose weight, reclaim their health, and live longer, happier lives.” Whether months before a surgery or years after, Dr. Patel’s team is there to help.

Texas Weight Loss Klinic

With over 20 years of experience in internal medicine and obesity medicine, it is plain to see that Dr. Joseph E. Sleiman understands what it takes to create successful weight loss. To him, the answer is a Ketogenic Diet Lifestyle. Along with a regimen with exercise, Dr. Sleimen and his staff and Texas Weight Loss Klinic find the answers patients are looking for and helps deliver results.

Advanced Bariatric and Surgical Specialists

Advanced Bariatric Surgical Specialists


Dr. Craig G. Chang has dedicated most of his career to providing quality surgical care pre and post operation. Specializing in a variety of surgical weight loss options, Dr. Chang and his staff at Advanced Bariatric and Surgical Specialists help patients choose what is best for them to live happy, healthy lives. Dr. Chang utilizes the most advanced techniques in bariatric surgery to create the best results possible.

Weight Loss Solutions

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At Weight Loss Solutions, Bevilee Hicks and her team help patients achieve long term and short term weight loss goals alike. Hicks’ program utilizes supplements as well as cosmetic, nutritional, and effective products to help clients achieve their goals fast. As a moderate weight loss program, it is designed to help the average weight loss patient with self-monitoring tools, education and physical activity.