Top 10 New Technology Companies in Medicine

Credit: iBIO Biological

Over the past several decades, the landscape of medical technology has vastly changed. Improvements in equipment and surgical devices lead to faster treatment and less downtime when one must undergo a procedure– a massive plus for patients and their family alike.

There are a number of companies spearheading this change, but a few stick out as the best of the best. Whether it’s the technology they make, their process of developing that technology, or their ability to get the technology into the hands of those who need it most, many companies are valuable for diverse reasons. Here are the top ten companies involved in medical technology.

  1. Academy Medical

Academy Medical is a company that specializes in the procurement of medical supplies and government contracts. With their preferred status as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), the company has first priorty access to the federal marketplace and are able to create a streamlined, cost-effective approach to accessing the medical-surgical equipment customers need.

2. Brain Sentinel

Brain Sentinel

The founders of Brain Sentinel know just how debilitating seizures can be to the person afflicted with them, as well as their families. As a result, Brain Sentinel president Mike Girouard and Dr. José E. Cavazos delved into research in order to find a “seizure signal” to measure and monitor. After years of hard work, the company was able to harness that biomarker for seizure activity and make it available for those in need. The SPEAC® System is the first FDA-cleared, non-EEG, physiological, signal-based system for seizure monitoring, and is changing the lives of those effected by seizures for the better.

3. Invuity

Advanced photonics can provide surgeons with direct visualization of surgical cavities during minimally invasive and minimal access procedures. Invuity‘s patented photonics technology utilizes better illumination and visualization to overcome the limitations of traditional surgical lighting, allowing for more accurate surgeries.

4. AirXpanders

Silicon Valley-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Dan Jacobs, developed one of the most innovative technologies in tissue expansion– AeroForm. Instead of having to inject saline expanders into a patient, Dr. Jacobs discovered he could use a tiny canister of compressed gas to do the same job, making the process easier and more comfortable for his patients. As a result, AirXpanders has changed the face of tissue reconstruction.

5. McKesson Medical-Surgical

McKesson Medical-Surgical provides a variety of wholesale medical supplies, medical-surgical products and equipment, clinical resources, services, and tools to medical professionals across the country. Their goal is to guide clinicians through the ever-changing world of healthcare and help them manage costs, be more efficient, and enhance patient care

6. Skye Biologics

Skye Biologics is a leader in the biotechnology industry. The company develops and manufactures BioECM® products, which are designed to assist the body in its “natural ability to remodel properly.” They protect degenerated or damaged tissues in surgical repairs or non-operative therapy, and can be a valuable alternative to surgery.

7. Orpyx

For people with diabetes, Orpyx is changing the game. The company developed a wearable sensor platform to empower people with diabetes to maintain mobility. Researchers use the technology to access clinical-grade plantar pressure measurement data to improve health and performance.

8. PSS Urology, INC.

With the disappearance of speciality companies centered around urology, PSS Urology is a highly important corporation. PSS seeks to serve their customers with the integrity that seems to have been lost in their industry, and to provide urologists with the products of unmatched quality at reasonable prices

9. Xtant Medical

Xtant Medical develops, manufactures, and commercializes a number of unique regenerative surgical products, such as Traditional Allografts and Fortex®. These technologies are designed to treat degenerative, traumatic, and deformity conditions for orthopedic and neurological applications.

10. Wenzel Spine

For spinal disorders, minimally invasive treatments are key. Wenzel Spine is dedicated to delivering surgical solutions by simplifying procedures and reducing recovery time. The devices they design and procure are made to improve patient quality of life and assist surgeons in caring for their patients most effectively.