Top 10 Texas Legal Pros

Credit: Texas Historical Society

As one of the largest states in the United States of America, the Texas legal scene is monumental. Because the Texas legal world is so large, there are probably hundreds of bad law firms, litigation firms, and expert witnesses to wade through before you can find a that service that will truly fulfill each and every one of your needs. Here are ten of the best legal professionals across the state of Texas—from Corpus Christi, to Waco.

Hanna Reporting

Out of all the court reporting firms in Texas, Hanna & Hanna certified court reporting and video specialists truly shine. For over 25 years, these Houston court reporters have proved to know exactly what to takes to deliver a good case. With their melting pot of Certified Realtime Reporters, Certified Livenote Reporters, Certified Live Deposition Reporters, and Certified Legal Video specialists, attorneys and paralegals looking for a quality, well-versed court reporting firm to help balance their case or deposition need look no further.

AM Lawyers

James McCorquodale. Credit: AM Lawyers

Businesses in Dallas looking for a quality law firm to represent everything from insurance cases, franchise disputes, or even cases of fraud know that the firm they can trust is AM Lawyers. James McCorquodale, Rich Aubin, and Patrick Kimmel make up the qualified staff of attorneys, who know not only about the world of law, but the world of business. With over fifty years of combined experience between the three, the staff at AM Lawyers clearly knows the legal climate of Houston

A.L “Dick” Dent III

Credit: A.L. Dent III

In Houston, A.L Dent III has been one of the top-rated employment and labor attorneys in the area since the early 2000s. Though he achieved his doctorate of law in 1973, the attorney is still committed to his work and advocates for his clients with a spirit and life that even the youngest of attorneys can hardly match. His work ethic is likely what granted him his impressive title.

Central Texas Litigation Support Services Inc.

Credit: Cashback World

As one of the largest and most well-known process service firms in Texas, Waco’s Central Texas Litigation Support has to make this list. The president of the litigation support firm is known across the state and nation for her work in the litigation industry, and has even served as President of the Texas Process Servers Association. This clearly demonstrates the level of quality this firm must have.

Abraham, Watkins, Nicholas, Sorrels, Agosto & Aziz

Credit: Abraham, Watkins, Nicholas, Sorrels, Agosto & Aziz

Abraham, Watkins, Nicholas, Sorrels, Agosto & Aziz is one of the oldest personal injury firms in Texas. For over 67 years, the firm has served the Houston area and protected the rights of people and their families who have been affected by injury even death due to the negligence of a business or person. The firm has a nearly perfect rating, illustrating the trust citizens of Houston instill in this law firm.

Seth P. Womack

Credit: UT Health East Texas

Dr. Seth P. Womack knows a thing or two about being an emergency medicine expert witness. After working on several cases, he clearly knows his way around a courtroom, but what is more important is his experience with medicine. After treating over 30,000 patients over the course of his career, he has developed a vast knowledge of medical topics from heart attacks, to mental health, to sepsis, making him a perfect resource for attorneys in the Tyler, Texas area.

Team Legal

Credit: Team Legal

When an attorney or paralegal is looking for full-service litigation company to help propel their work into success, they need look no further than the professionals at Team Legal. Team legal covers most areas of Texas, from Dallas, to Austin, and everywhere in between. The company specializes in oral depositions, record retrieval, x-ray duplication, and so much more. Any and all of a client’s litigation needs can be fulfilled by Team Legal.

Bruce Abramson

Credit: CNBC

For several years now, Bruce Abramson has served as an expert witness in a number of cases across Texas. His knowledge is interdisciplinary, making him a valuable asset to any attorney that hires his services. From copyright infringement, to the relationship between antitrust and IP laws, Mr. Abramson would make a great witness for lawyers in a number of areas of practice.


Credit: theKFORDgroup

theKFORDgroup serves as more than just an expert litigation support company—they have proved to be a quality forensic accounting firm. Their in-depth and straightforward approach make them a highly valuable asset to any litigation team. As one of Texas’ best, attorneys in San Antonio are lucky to have a KFORD professional on their side.

Law & Order Record Retrieval

Credit: LORR

The staff at Austin’s Law & Order Record Retrieval.  Whether an attorney be in search of research options, trial support, or an investigation, LORR has they covered with their quality, yet cost-effective services. As one of the pioneers of digitizing law, clients can be comfortable that their technology will be the most up-to-date. The positive relationship between employees and customers proves to create an environment that cultivates new work and new ideas.