Top 10 Legal Resources in Las Vegas

Credit: Southern Poverty Law

Las Vegas is one of the most exciting places in the United States. People come from far and wide to see the sights, experience a show, dine on incredible food, and maybe even gamble. Every night, people in the city make memories to last a lifetime, all while repeating the mantra “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

With prevalent entertainment, dining, corporate, and so many more industries among the city walls, it is no wonder that the legal world is just as busy as the rest of the city. Attorneys, paralegals, and their clients need the best of the best resources on their hands to form compelling cases. Here are some of the top legal resources in Las Vegas that every legal professional should know about.

 1. Envision Legal

For 20 years, Envision Legal has served as the top litigation support firm in Las Vegas. This woman-led business does not discriminate between cases based on size. Big-scale or smaller-sized, Envision Legal works alongside the top attorneys across all areas of practice. The firm’s responsive court reporters are timely, accurate, and efficient, producing the best transcripts in the business exactly when their clients need them. Attorneys in Las Vegas can expect nothing but the best from Envision.

2. Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada

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Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada is a nonprofit law firm that believes in the preservation of access to justice and quality legal counsel to those who cannot afford it. They offer assistance to victims of domestic violence, victims of consume fraud, children in the foster care system, and more. Together, the staff at Legal Aid Center hope to give people a voice that otherwise would have been silenced due to their inability to pay for a legal service.

3. Clark County Bar Association

The Clark County Bar Association (CCBA) is a member organization built from attorneys, judges, legal assistants, merchants, and more. The nonprofit organization provides information and legal assistance to not other legal professionals and the community as a whole. Members can expect “meaningful services,” “opportunities for collegiality and social interaction,” and “[promotion of] professionalism,” as outlined by their site.

4. Civil Law Self-Help Center

The Civil Law Self-Help Center was developed to increase informed access about the legal system through education, legal forms, community referrals, and other support services. The organization was designed specifically with self-represented parties in mind, so they can find the help they deserve no matter their income. It was created through a partnership with the courts in Clark County, the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, and the Clark County Neighborhood Justice Center.

5. Nevada Legal Services Incorporated

Nevada Legal Services

Nevada Legal Services, Inc. (NLS) is another non-profit organization that provides free legal services to low income Nevadans. Their goal is to provide legal advice without the need for litigation. This organization in particular extends its helping hands to people across the entire state. The staff represents clients in anything from federal courts to administrative hearings.

6. The Clark County Law Library

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The Clark County Law Library has served the research needs of the bench, bar, and public of Southern Nevada for over 95 years. It is open to the public with no fee for use, so that anyone, no matter where they stand in the world of law, can access important resources like federal statues, cases, commentary, and more. Anything and everything you need to know about Las Vegas law can be found in this library.

7. Oasis Reporting Services

Oasis Reporting Services is a full-service Las Vegas court reporting agency. The firm is independently owned and works to develop longstanding relationships with their clients. With a background in realtime reporting, the founder of the firm ensures that each case is handled with great care. The utilize only the best reporting technology in the business.

8. Free Legal Aid


The Free Legal Aid resource complies legal aid and free legal help form various organisations in the Last Vegas area in one easy to navigate resource. Visitors can find help on anything from family services to landlord/tenant ask-a-lawyer programs. It’s a resource for anyone and everyone.

9. Access to Justice Commission

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Created by the Supreme Court of Nevada, Access to Justice Commission was formed to promote equal civil justice. The Commission asserts that “justice should be the same, in substance and availability, without regard to economic status,” something that we all can get behind. The Commission’s staff words to improve Nevadans’ accessibility to legal service programs, pro-bono services, and self-help services.

10. Legal Match Las Vegas

This website allows people in need of a legal service to search among the best of Las Vegas and find the attorney who best fits their needs. The search can be divided between areas of practice, so to more easily find the attorneys who can help. With over four million on Legal Match, people are bound to find the attorney that works for them.