Top 10 Elder Care Attorneys in South Florida

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As more and more baby-boomers reach and exceed retirement age, elder law becomes a frequently sought out area of practice. Attorneys in this field practice anything from estate planning, to Medicaid, to veteran benefits, and so much more. When senior citizens decide it’s time to live out their days in a warmer climate, they need an attorney they can trust to cover all their needs.

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Florida continues to be one of the top retirement locations in the United States. With such a high population of retirees, the state is also home to a vast number of elder law attorneys—but not all are created equal. Here are the top elder law attorneys in South Florida.

  1. Shalloway & Shalloway, P.A.

For 30 years, Shalloway & Shalloway has served West Palm Beach with unparalleled care. The staff does everything they can to ensure their clients are treated with the utmost respect, and will stop at nothing to get the results they need. Firm president, Mark Shalloway, prides himself in the firm’s devotion to people. He regularly posts an elder law newsletter and hosts free seminars to keep South Florida educated in changes that come with the field. Through the advancement of knowledge, Shalloway’s attorneys and clients can make educated decisions together, and yield the best results.

  1. The Karp Law Firm

The Karp Law Firm handles just about every legal situation under the sun that revolves around elder law. Whether a client needs help with tax planning, asset protection, disability planning, at-home care, or any number of legal services, the Karp Law firm can help. Be they planning for the future or in an immediate crisis, the staff at elder law does what they can to make sure their clients are satisfied.

  1. Feldman & Feldman, Counsellors at Law

The attorneys and Feldman & Feldman have a simply philosophy: “Treat every client as if they were our only client.” These elder law attorneys work to develop long-term relationships with each and every one of their clients—and those clients are diverse. Whether elders attempting to pay for their long-term care or newly-weds looking for long-term planning, the Feldman staff treats each one like individuals with individualized needs.

  1. Law Offices of Mark A. Roseman

Attorney Mark Roseman and his staff employ a skillful tactic of planning that helps clients preserve each and every one of their services—as well as peace of mind, which can be so difficult to hold on to with estate and probate planning. His consultations are confidential, so clients know their financial information is n safe hands.

  1. Law Firm of Mindy Stein, P.A.

Initially, Fort Lauderdale elder law attorney Mindy Stein practiced in social work. This gave her first-hand experience with a vast majority of diverse, vulnerable individuals. She saw the mistreatment. She saw how families did not get the help they needed. As a result, she had the advanced knowledge she needed to be a successful elder law attorney.

  1. Kitroser & Associates

There isn’t an area of practice revolving around elder law that Kitroser & Associates won’t cover. In South Florida, that is major. They cover the usual areas, like probate and wills and trusts, but they also cover more unique areas like wrongful death, business succession, and even pet trusts. No matter what a client needs, Kitroser & Associates has their back.

  1. The Siegel Law Group, P.A.

Not having preparations for life’s greatest challenges can made a hard moment ten times harder. No one wants to deal with distribution of assets or financial bleeding when they lose a loved one. The professionals at the Siegal Law Group work to take some of that load off the shoulders of their client’s family.

  1. Ginsberg Shulman Attorneys at Law

Ginsberg Shulman provides clients with excellent estate planning, elder care, and guardianship advice, but that is not while they make this list. These attorneys are willing to satellite out of the Fort Lauderdale area and serve clients anywhere across the state, especially when it comes to probate law. Clients love knowing they have their favorite attorneys no matter where they are in Florida.

  1. LKG Law P.A.

This boutique law firm in West Palm serves the elderly and disabled with the utmost compassion. LKG Law president, Lisa Kline Goldstein, is know as the “lawyer with a heart,” and guides her clients with the patience and respect they deserve to get them the results they need.

  1. Horacio Sosa, P.A.

An aspect of Horacio Sosa’s business that sets him apart from the rest is his wide variety of free resources. Sosa provides clients with a number of instructional manuals—from guardianship, to Medicaid planning, to aid and attendance programs. This allows clients to educate themselves on the business in the comfort of their own homes. As a Spanish speaker, he provides excellent service to the Spanish communities as well.

Business analyst and CEO Jasel Patel comments on the importance of caring for elders.

NGOTech CEO Jasel Patel

“After decades of our parents and grandparents taking care of us, there comes a moment when it is time to return the favor. Having at good elder law attorney at one’s disposal makes all the difference. They can help set up a plan to make sure your elderly loved one is in good hands, no matter the situation. I find the profession very admirable.”