Top 10 Legal Professionals in Cleveland, Ohio

Credit: GS Law Ohio

Cleveland might not come immediately to mind when one thinks of the legal world, but it is home to a bustling legal scene. In such a busy city, it’s no wonder the demand for attorneys, paralegals, and other court reporting professionals would be so big. If you’re on the hunt for a quality legal professional to handle your needs, here are the top ten in the Cleveland area.

1. Cady Reporting

This family owned business of Cleveland court reporters has had their doors open since 1981. They’ve seen how the legal world has changed dramatically over the past three and a half decades, and they have adapted to it. Their dedication to their clients has led them to update and modify their services in a way that benefits as many people as possible. As a result, Cady Reporting has become one of the top court reporting resources not only across the Cleveland area, but the entire state of Ohio. Visit to learn more.

2. Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association

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The Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association is a must-contact resource. The organization is made up of attorneys, judges, paralegals, law students, and other professionals that come together to provide the Cleveland legal scene with the most up-to-date resources and news that the world of law has to offer. With nearly 150 years of service, the Cleveland Bar has been there for some of the most important cases in the nation.

3. Legal Aid Society of Cleveland

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Legal Aid is an aspect of law that is often forgotten, but vastly important. It is crucial that those who maybe cannot afford high quality legal resources have access to the best possible legal help. The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland secures that justice for those in need. With attorneys that specialize in a wide variety of areas of practice, anyone can turn to the Legal Aid Society and be represented by quality professionals.

4. Milano Law

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The attorneys at Milano Law turn to their cases with an unparalleled dedication and passion for their criminal defense cases. As a 50 year-old firm, Milano Law as helped shape Cleveland’s legal field. The firm has worked on local and national cases of the utmost importance—from the death of a toddler, to even serving as renowned rapper, Snopp Dogg’s attorney.

5. The Cleveland Law Library

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Since 1869, the Cleveland Law Library Association has served as a premier legal resource for attorneys, paralegals, judges, public officials, and more. The diverse board of directors helps create an in-depth view of the various needs legal professionals in the area have. It continues to be one of the largest law libraries in the United States.

6. Chandra Law Firm

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The Chandra Law Firm LLC is one of the top civil and criminal litigation firms in Cleveland. They pride themselves in “holding wrongdoers accountable for their bad behavior, and protecting our clients from attack.” The firm holds each and every one of their cases near and dear to their hearts, and will do everything they can to assure justice is served.

7. Ohio Legal Aid

Ohio Legal Aid

Nine unique legal aid organization come together to provide a voice for the needs of Ohioans who may not be able to afford some of the more extensive legal resources out there. Ohio Legal Aid provides a variety of pro-bono officials that simply wish to offer legal help to those who need it—such as ensuring medical aid, veteran benefits, or any other number of services.

8. Mehler & Hagestrom Court Reporters


A court reporting firm whose doors have been open since 1944 clearly knows how to service their clients. For over 60 years, Mehler & Hagestrom has serviced cases big and small with their variety of court reporting professionals. They vow to meet each and every deadline, no matter how close.

9. Franklin County Law Library

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The Franklin County Law Library is one of Ohio’s primary legal research resources. The library can help attorneys and paralegals find resources for their statues, legislative history, administrative decisions, and far more.

10. Jones Day Cleveland

Jones Day Cleveland law firm is probably one of the oldest operating law firms in the state. The firm has expanded and adapted to provide assistance to most potential clients since 1893. With over 200 lawyers, the firm can service a wide variety of clients in a number of areas of practice—from antitrust and competition law, to private equity, and far more in the Ohio legal scene. The firm services local businesses and corporations like Fortune 500 alike.