Top 10 Court Reporting Companies in Houston

Credit: Macomb Community College

As one of Texas’ major metropolitan areas, Houston has a bustling legal scene. Attorneys across all areas of practice need litigation support they can rely on, no matter how large or small the case. They must be fast, accurate, and effective to make the most positive impact on their client’s case. Attorneys who desire quality support (which should be all attorneys) can turn to this list for a clear resource on the top ten Houston court reporting firms.

Hanna & Hanna Reporting

This independent, family-owned court reporting firm has operated in the Houston area and beyond for over 30 years. The staff utilizes the best technology in the business to ensure clients get the most out of their service. Attorneys who work with Hanna & Hanna Reporting are privy to the close attention corporations can’t give clients, as well as the legal resources many small companies don’t have access to. Though they specialize in arbitrations, hearings, complex patent litigation, and construction cases, attorneys of all areas of practice can find the legal support they need to have the most successful case possible. Whether an attorney requires a court reporter, legal videographer, or any other service, they can count on the staff at Hanna & Hanna Reporting to deliver fast, quality service.

Esquire Deposition Solutions

Esquire Deposition Solutions, LLC

Another long-term member of the Houston Legal community, Esquire Deposition Solutions works closely with their clients to ensure they are satisfied. They take the hassle of booking a deposition and make the process easy, saving their clients time with a smooth experience. Their promise is to make the service worry-free. With the world of law being such a stressful one to navigate, it is crucial to have professionals there by one’s side to make it simpler.

Worldwide Court Reporters

World Wide Court Reporters Logo

Based out of Houston, Worldwide Court Reporters is known for their use of the most innovative technology across all their services. Attorneys can stream video or realtime reporting feeds anywhere in the world, enjoy same-day transcripts, seamlessly videoconference with anyone, no matter where they are in the world. Whether late at night or into the weekend, someone is always available to assist with any last-minute deposition scheduling or changes.

Ross Reporting Services


In 1980, firm president David C. Ross founded Ross Reporting Services with the hope of company that always produces complete client satisfaction. The firm is so dedicated to total satisfaction that they utilize the Quality Assurance Program guide every step of the way– from deposition, to records order, to completion. This helps guarantee a high degree of consistency and value across all services. Each staff member is highly trained and experienced, so attorneys know they are getting the best service every time.

Continental Court Reporters

Continental Court Reporters, Inc.

Continental Court Reporters is a court reporter owned and operated firm. Attorneys can expect adept service when they book any of the dozen services offered. The firm goes above and beyond the expectations of their clients to make the trial, deposition, or other legal process painless. With the staff over a century’s worth of combined experience, attorneys know they are in good hands.

Southwest Reporting Video Service

Many court reporting firms in the Houston area exist now due to the foundation Southwest Reporting & Video Service laid back in 1972. Firm founder Luetta Philleaux set a standard of client support and services that firms across the area incorporated into their own business. After nearly 50 years of business, Southwest Reporting & Video still stands as one of the premiere court reporting firms in Houston.

Compass Reporting

Compass Reporting | Litigation Support Concierge

Compass Reporting is well known for their “No Surprises Policy.” From an attorney’s first phone call to final invoice, they never have to play a guessing game with any of Compass Reporting’s services. Their project management team is there to provide support 24/7, so attorneys don’t have to waste time waiting for answers. With all-inclusive pricing, attorneys never have to worry about hidden fees. Attorneys can book a wide variety of services and be confident they are getting the best value possible.

Kaplan Leaman & Wolfe Court Reporting & Litigation Support

Kaplan Leaman & Wolfe Court Reporting & Litigation Support works with law firms, insurance companies and corporations across Texas and the United States. With their team of highly qualified court reporters and their advanced technology, clients are guaranteed the best quality litigation support no matter where in the world they are. Each service is tailored to the client, as every case has unique needs that need to be addressed.

Kim Tindall & Associates


After decades of experience, firm president Kim Tindall has figured out what it takes to process the needs of multi-district litigators and nationwide clients with the same attention to detail that Kim Tindall & Associates gives their small-sized clients. Through efficient, effective work, Kim Tindall & Associates adds value in every step of litigation, giving clients the piece of mind they need to run a successful case.

Hoffman Reporting & Video Service


Hoffman Reporting & Video Service’s staff is made up of some of the most highly certified court reporters in the business. Attorneys never have to wonder whether or not Hoffman Reporting will deliver on their needs. The staff proudly serves on all sorts of legal proceedings– be they oral depositions, notices and subpoenas, in-house video, realtime writing, or any other service where a reporter might be necessary.